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Commissioned Art

I undertake commissions with your project ideas. Feel free to e-mail on with any questions about your illustration needs.

Terms of agreement: All of my paintings are digital and are being created with Adobe Photoshop. The final layout can be delivered in any digital format (PSD, JPG or anything else). Payment is handled via PayPal. Preliminary drafts of the requested drawing will be shown to the customer until he/she is satisfied with the result. Before starting the main work a milestone of 50% of the price must be paid. While the painting is in progress, various incomplete versions will be shown to the customer in case of small-scale changes. However, if there are large-scale changes or the customer changes his/her mind about the painting, a new price agreement will be made. When the requested painting is completed and the customer is satisfied with the results (by seeing the painting in low resolution), the other half of the price must be paid. Afterwards, the final painting is sent in its normal resolution. The customer retains all the rights of the painting; as far as I am concerned, I can use the painting only for advertising purposes at my personal sites, but in low resolution and by writing in the comments to whom this painting belongs.

Using Art: You can buy a licence of my existing art for your needs. Send me your info and the desired dimension you want, to my e-mail
(Buying a licence of my art, giving you the rights to use the artwork but not as exclusive. That means i can use the same artwork on the future on my stores and other projects.
If you want an exclusive art, i can create a unique art for your needs.)

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